Shrub & Co’s organic Yucatan Honey Shrub is a great choice wherever you’d like a touch of honey. Use this shrub in place of a sugar cube in an Old Fashioned. And it’s beautiful in the classic Bee’s Knees.

• Made from four simple, certified organic ingredients including honey from Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula
• Provides an alternative acid for cocktails through vinegar; which works much like citrus in cocktails

What is a Shrub?
“The tangy elixir, which dates to 15th-century England, originated as a means of preserving fruit, long before there was refrigeration. Recently, clever mixologists have sparked a renewed interest in the liquid because of the unparalleled dimension it adds to cocktails” The Chicago Tribune

Brand Story
In 2010, Deborah Marksey and Juan Garcia were living in Atlanta, where cocktail culture was becoming more exciting. While reading page 63 of Jerry Thomas’ The Classic Guide to Cocktails, they saw a mention of shrubs and became intrigued. They began researching and experimenting in their own kitchen. After receiving rave reviews for the products they created and encouragement from influential bartenders, Deborah and Juan launched Shrub & Co. They have spent the past few years expanding the company into what it is today, the largest shrub company in the United States. Now, Shrub & Co. offers eight products with four available all year-round.

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