Watershed Distillery

WaterDistill_PageLogoOhio had become one of the most difficult states to start a distillery during Prohibition.

After being inspired in Switzerland by locally produced spirits, Greg Lehman shared his ideas with Dave Rigo about the reality of creating spirits in his Ohio hometown.

In 2010, Watershed Distillery became the newest addition to the very long history of micro-distilling in Ohio.  They are committed to producing small batches of artisan-quality bourbon, helping to re-establish a vibrant distilling culture in Ohio.

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“One of the top bottles of the All-American Whiskey.”
– Time Out New York

Bourbon from Watershed Distillery is made in small batches using a combination of Corn, Wheat, Rye and Spelt. They double-distill their bourbon and age it in charred American Oak Barrels. Each bottle is hand numbered to represent the time and effort that is put into their Bourbon Whiskey.