Torres 5G Cinco Garnachas

Five generations seeking the perfect Garnacha. Since Jaime and Miguel Torres founded the winery in 1870, every generation has contributed to building a legacy. Every generation has passed on its passion for winemaking, its knowledge and craft. 5G springs from the inspiration and innovative spirit of five generations well versed in the potential of this variety. Every family has a story. So does every wine.

The 5G Garnachas is fragrant and sensual. Pronounced red fruit aromas (strawberry, red currant, raspberry) on the nose framed by notes of aromatic herbs (thyme and rosemary). Fresh, pleasant and smooth on the palate with good acidity.

Food Pairings:
Pairs perfectly with traditional Mediterranean and Catalonian recipes such as meat stews, grilled meat, arroces montañeses (hearty rice dishes with meat), and noodle casseroles with spare ribs.

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