Ever feel like the world is moving around you but you are standing still? Do you sometimes feel like you have lost your sense of wonder? That life is getting in the way of doing that one thing that lights your fire, energizes your soul, makes you feel like life really matters? StillFire Brewing Co-Founders, Randall Veugeler and John Bisges both had the same dream of one day owning a brewery after college but then life happened – they both got married to amazing women, had wonderful kids, started businesses and went on with their lives. When they met and started talking, they discovered they both still had that fire to open a brewery.

The two entrepreneurs meeting and sharing their long abandoned dreams with each other was the spark they both needed to get off their asses and do something about it. When thinking about a name for their brewery, they came back to the idea that they still had that fire after all those years and the name StillFire was born. The name had a message that resonated with their plans for their brewery. They envisioned StillFire Brewing to be a place that can spark conversations that can lead others to find that flame burning within them and to find the courage to act on those passions. That spark is symbolized in the company’s logo and tagline “Find YOUR Fire.”

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A classic Belgian Wit, starting with the original revival base of white wheat, Pilsner malt and oats. Curacao orange peel and coriander are lightly added for complexity, with Belgian yeast for a fragrant, delicate, refreshing beer. Blood Orange is added in just the right amount to amplify and add to the delicious orange character.   5.3% ABV


A clean, crisp, and refreshing lager without re-lying on anything other than all-natural ingredi-ents. This straight-forward ode to the local brew-eries that used to be in every city has just the right balance of malt and hops to quench your thirst while still being interesting and unique.   5.3%


A huge aroma of citrus, passion fruit, guava, or-ange and even lime carry over into an explosion of juicy deliciousness. The aromas and flavors overlay a delicious malt base amplified by the creamy and silky texture that only an addition of oats can deliver. Intentionally subdued and smooth, rather than firm or biting.  6.9% ABV


A clean German Gose tart beer that pairs very well with fruit additions. For Koastal Krush, we started with the goal of creating a classic cocktail in a glass, the Mimosa. There is a pleasing orange character but Koastal doesn’t stop there. There are 3 other exotic fruits blended to produce a delicious tropical explosion.  5.5% ABV


is a traditional amber lager that features toasty Munich malt flavor enhanced by our special ingredient: blue corn. That unique addition is what makes this beer a unique summer treat, perfect on a hot summer day while hitting the snacks. Blue Bandito is our Cerveza Azul for all seasons!   5.3% ABV


Hoochie is a bold and rich interpretation of stout. Clocking in at 7%, the base features numerous malts to provide a complex blend of creamy chocolate, toffee, coffee, biscuit, and bread crusts. A small amount of milk sugar smooths the finish and provides a pleasant mild sweetness to balance the roasted character. Not unlike an espresso with cream to cut the roast, Hoochie Mama could easily become your go to stout.   7.6% ABV


Trop Drop and Roll features a complex array of exotic Guava, melon and Passion Fruit notes. The malt is delicate and only shows up in a supporting role. This is a contemporary interpretation of IPA, where the fruitiness is very apparent, yet controlled. The finish avoids bitterness yet does a great job of cleansing the palate and preparing you for the next sip.   6.8% ABV


Peach State Lite is a golden ale brewed with both New and Old World grains and hops to produce an easy-drinking and refreshing beer. We are simple without sacrificing quality and use only the best ingredients. Peach State Lite is proud to be brewed in collaboration with one of Georgia’s few award winning breweries, StillFire Brewing.

This beer is made for tailgates before UGA Football games, hikes on Blood Mountain, days on East Beach in St. Simons, and everything ‘Peach State’ in between. Peach State Lite is nothing complicated – just great beer best served ice cold and with friends.