Spellbound Wines Chardonnay, Petite Sirah, and Rosé are now available in 250ml cans.

Everyone knows the warm sun nurtures plants, bringing grapevines to full maturity. But since ancient times farmers have also depended on the moon, ruler of the tides, whose gravitational force pulls water up from the soil, supporting vines during the cool nights that maintain beautiful balance in wine grapes.

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Features bright and lush tropical fruit flavors with notes of vanilla and classic crème brûlée. Its medium body and bright acidity make for a pleasant and lasting finish on the palate.


Has an intense color and generous bouquet of rich blackberries and blueberries, vanilla bean and roasted coffee, all in a remarkably approachable glass.


A Barbera-based blend with vibrant aromas of candied red cranberries, and wild strawberry with a delicate kiss of white rose petals. On the palate are flavors of tangerine marmalade, lemon drop candy, tart kiwi and cranberry compote.