Sōmrus, with its distinctively UNIQUE expressions, opens the door to a whole new world of tastes, flavors and engaging experiences.
Sōmrus bouquet of flavors are one part gourmand, one part humble homemade touch, and one part global citizen. They have channeled the best of our nation in the hopes of sharing the heritage, vivacity, and mysteries of India with the world.

Features & Benefits
• Lower ABV for increased sessionability
• Made with real dairy cream from Wisconsin
• Light & smooth, yet full of flavor
• All-Natural Ingredients
• Gluten Free

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An exquisite blend of real dairy cream, handcrafted rum and Eastern spices & nuts. Enjoy neat, on the rocks or mixed with coffee or tea concentrate.


Imagine a cross between mango, peach, nectarine and apricot, but better! Perfect in margaritas, tiki cocktails, piña coladas and boozy milkshakes.