Internship Opportunities

Route Assistant Intern 

This opportunity will allow students to assist drivers in the deliveryof products to customers in a manner that is consistent with our customer service standards.  The workweek will be Tuesday through Friday starting at 6:00 AM and 1-hour zoom call on Mondays.


Sales Merchandiser Intern

The Merchandiser Intern will be responsible for maintaining strong relationships with retail customers.  This internship will give rising Sophomores and Juniors a chance to gain hands-on experience working in accounts to ensure that beer is rotated and merchandised to both the supplier and United Distributors, Inc’s (UDI) standards with guidance from UDI’s sales teams.


Logistics Wine & Spirits Loader Intern 

The Conveyable Loader Intern position requires an intern to load cases onto a pallet, remove cases from the conveyors and palletize them to load the product onto trucks.  Schedule:  Monday through Friday starting at 5:00 PM.


Logistics Beer Pick Intern

This position requires an intern to meet hourly performance goals using an assigned iPod that instructs the intern to go to an assigned location to scan and build pallets using power equipment.  Schedule:  Monday through Friday.


Logistics Wine & Spirits Picker Intern

Interns will be responsible for picking multiple products and preparing the items for shipment according to order labels.  Schedule:  Monday through Friday starting at 4:30 PM.