A story as unique as their smooth and flavourful, triple casked whiskey, Slane Irish Whiskey celebrates the return of exceptional Irish whiskey to Ireland’s Boyne Valley. Made by the barrel-raising art and whiskey-making expertise of the Brown Family and born on the historic lands of the Conyngham Family, their award-winning blend brings the legacies of two historic families together for generations to come.

A tale as old as it is new, it begins with a proud whiskey heritage. In times gone by, several distilleries found the fertile soil and pure water of the Boyne Valley in Ireland perfect for making Irish whiskey. Today, the vision of Slane’s Conyngham family combined with the 147-year-old whiskey-making mastery of Kentucky’s Brown family has spectacularly revived this marvelous legacy.

This unique narrative shines through the complexity of Slane Irish Whiskey, rich with layers of flavour as untamed as the stunning Irish landscape that surrounds the distillery. Artfully aged to perfection, their distinct triple casked blend distills the true character of Slane, testament to each of the elements which have shaped our journey thus far.


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