Savannah Vodka

Savannah Vodka is best of the low country. They use Premium spirits using 100% all-natural ingredients like coastal grains and Blue Ridge Mountain Spring Water.

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Our quest to find Georgia’s most exquisite water took us north into the Blue Ridge Mountains. On an old family farm lies a natural cold spring. We couple this pristine water with 100% select corn to craft our crisp, smooth Savannah Vodka.

This is handcrafted in its finest form.


Select Sweet Corn and Coastal Rye combine in this Handcrafted Bourbon of the Lowcountry. Our warm summers are ideal for extracting optimum character from our charred new oak barrels.

Enjoy an early peppery spice and cinnamon, followed by notes of caramel and vanilla. Meticulously blended and bottled by hand, 88 proof has never been so smooth.


There are two things in this bottle:
Our Handcrafted Savannah 88 Bourbon & Rare Sourwood Honey from our friends at Savannah Bee Co. When some of the best purveyors of honey in the world are located in Savannah you know fate is in play.

This is Farm to Farm Bourbon.


Sweet Tea has been quenching thirsts since Georgia was a colony. We infuse our Handcrafted Savannah 88 Bourbon with natural select tea and kiss it with real lemon.

This is Lowcountry Refreshment.