Plungerhead makes wines of character for characters. Who IS that dude on the label? That’s Eddie, whose image represents our avant-garde collection of wines.

According to local legend, after giving the creative department a bit of grief during a wine brand creative process, a mysterious bottle of wine bearing a label that was eerily familiar and quite uncanny made its way to Eddie’s desk. The character on the label had his face, his signature facial hair and was wearing his favorite purple blazer. However, on the label he was also wearing a red toilet plunger hat, wine barrels for trousers and holding a sign that simply said, “Plungerhead.”

Eddie, because he’s that kind of guy, took it in stride with a good laugh, and then proceeded to pour a glass of wine for anyone willing to enjoy a glass along with him. That’s just Eddie.

Plungerhead Dry Creek Valley Old Vine Zinfandel
Deep purple in color, aromas lead with an elixir of blackberries, followed by sweet cherry liqueur, violets, orchid blossoms and mocha. The mouth feel is rich and complex with layers of Belgian chocolate covered blueberries, white pepper, cloves laced in an orange peel and Mexican hot chocolate. Finishing strong, flavors of blackberry fruit, caramel and vanilla coat the palate.

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