Pierde Almas

Mezcal, like tequila, is a crystal clear spirit derived from the agave plant. Where tequila can be made from only the Agave Tequilana Weber Blue variety, mezcal on the other hand, can be made from five different varieties of agave.

Pierde Almas is a hyper-gourmet, artisan-made, small- batch mezcal produced in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca from 100% naturally fermented agave. Each glass of Pierde Almas, is a hymn to their history and cultural heritage. Environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible, they are natural and 100% chemical free.

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Pierde Almas Mezcal Puritita Verdá
Unaged, handcrafted Mezcal made from 100% Agave, specially handcrafted for mixology, boasts a savory sweetness, combining smoke and earthy undertones to the sweet taste of the Espadín Agave.

Pierde Almas Mezcal Espadin
100% Agave Angustifolia. The bouquet is slightly smoky with hints of aromatic wood and wild flowers. The amazing body of Espadín coats the inside of your mouth and lingers on the palate long after it has been swallowed.

Pierde Almas Mezcal Do-ba-daán
100% Agave Rodacantha. The more elevated alcohol content is owing to the high sugar content in the piñas of this exotic species of Agave, whose cultivation is very limited and geographically specific.
The bouquet is volatile and redolent of autumn fruits. On the palate the effect is fruity and of short duration with emphasis at the roof of the mouth followed by ephemeral tones of clove and scented wood, especially in the aftertaste.

Pierde Almas +9 Botanicals
100% Agave Angostafolia Mezcal-Gin. Espadin Mezcal distilled a third time with 9 botanicals: juniper, coriander, star anise, fennel, orange peel, cassia bark, angelica root, oris root and nutmeg. Some botanicals macerated, others hung in the steam head.