In 1870, Old Forester founder George Garvin Brown revolutionized the industry by sealing Bourbon in a glass bottle for the first time. Five generations and nearly 150 years later, they are proud to introduce the first Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey from the First Bottled Bourbon.
At 100 proof, Old Forester Rye plays beautifully in a cocktail, but also stands up boldly on its own.

Tasting Notes
Aroma: Rich brown sugar and magnolia blossom, with hints of soft sassafras and candied lemon.
Taste: Spice awakens immediately leading with sharp black pepper and cinnamon stick, rounding out with notes of dried dill and baked apple.
Finish: Allspice and peppercorn introduce a loyal and dry finish which ignites with pine, anise, and bright lemon zest.

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