Georgia, the wait is over.

We’re delighted to announce that NB Gin and NB Navy Strength, The World’s Best London Dry Gins, are available for purchase in the state of Georgia.

NB Distillery believes in creating perfection. They are committed to quality no matter whether it is the product or the quality of the team that we engage.
When they put that NB name on a bottle, the inside is every bit as ‘perfect’ as their original. Whatever the product.

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NB London Dry Gin.

NB Gin is a pure, clear,  grain spirit of 42 percent ABV. It is the result of an exacting process that has been perfected, to become recognised as the best London Dry Gin in the world.

NB Gin was voted the Best London Dry Gin in the world. It has also been selected by the Royal family to represent two separate occasions; her majesty’s 90th birthday and more recently, Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding. In addition to this, it has been listed in Rolls Royce “Top 100 Brands”, has been selected for The Open afterparty 2018 and was also selected for The Brits SONY afterparty for three consecutive years.

NB Navy Strength Gin.

NB Navy Strength Gin is a pure, clear, uncompromised grain sprit of 57% ABV. The result of the same exacting process that’s been perfected and bottled to create our Original Gin, proven to be the best London Dry Gin in the world.

Our Navy Strength Gin is also a multi-award winner. It was awarded “GOLD” in the Global Gin Masters and also “GOLD” at The Scottish Gin Awards.

70CL. Proven at 57% ABV.