Naked Grape Box Wines

The Naked Grape’s winemakers have a simple philosophy: great grapes = great flavor = great wine. They set out to make sure that each bottle – and now, box! –  of The Naked Grape is crafted to show off the full and unique fruit expression of each varietal.

The Naked Grape now offers its Pino Grigio, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pino Noir in 3-liter boxes, which is equivalent to 4 bottles of wine (at the price of only 3). This is the first premium boxed wine that can boast over 65 gold medals. Gain the freedom to enjoy one glass at a time in an eye-catching package that keeps the wine fresh for four weeks after opening. Perfect for picnics and other outdoor occasions where glass bottles are a less friendly option. The box is also fully recyclable.