MU Wine

Coffee break meets happy hour and they lived creamily ever after…
is a creamy, coffee-house inspired RTD cocktail. It has a flavorless wine base that is a smoother alternative to spirits based drinks.
There’s what you do for everyone else. and then there’s what you do for you. call it a sweet indulgence. a creamy, dreamy break in the day. or just your me-time. we call it  it may seem like a simple little thing. and truth be told, it is. but the feeling of joy that it brings can change your world.

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Creamy Chocolate Chai
how do we make chocolate milk for grownups?  ancient chai-nese secret.
Created specifically for the chai lover, this authentic Indian Chai has creamy vanilla notes and a fragrant blend of cardamom and cinnamon.  Combined with dark chocolate overtones and a distinguishable spicy finish.

Creamy Coco Cappuccino
yes, it covers all the important food groups: creamy, coffee, chocolate, cocktail.
Inspired by the universal desire for chocolate, the creamy, slightly woody dark roast blend of cocoa, caramel and almond with its lingering sweet finish, make this dreamy cocktail a crowd favorite.

Creamy Espresso Macchiato
Slightly bitter. Not too sweet. The Mexican roasted coffee beans deliver hints of ashy bourbon with oaky toasted brown notes.
Prepare for a kick in the pants – or wind up your skirt – the dark and mysterious spice is a fun finish!

Creamy Vanilla Latté
need a latté reasons to drink it?  it’s a cocktail. it’s coffee. it’s creamy.  did we mention it’s a cocktail?
Mild, smooth and clean taste with a silky texture. Experience a sweet warm wave of classic vanilla, that rounds into melting flavors of maple and sugar with lovely depth and length.