Mamma Mia Wines

MAMMA MIA! You can’t say it without an exclamation point and you can’t say it without smiling. Whether you’ve had the best day or a #MammaMiaMoment it just feels good to say. It’s bold, it’s fun and it captures a life filled with character.



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White Wine

The Mamma Mia white blend was aged for 3 months in stainless steel tanks to preserve freshness and aromatics. Straw yellow in color, this vintage of Mamma Mia White shows intense notes of peach, citrus, tropical fruit and flowers. On the palate it is full of flavor, balancing its natural acidity with a delicate, off-dry finish.

Red Blend

Perfect for big crowded tables, this smooth red wine blend has an intense ruby red color. Currant, blueberry and plum waft from the glass as do overtones of rose, licorice and vanilla. This vintage of Mamma Mia Red Blend is soft on the palate, has an excellent structure and finishes with notes of fresh fruit.