Venture 100 km Northwest of Belfast and you’ll find the town of Limavady tucked away in the Roe Valley, its coastal climate and fertile land the perfect setting for Irish whiskey production, which began in 1750 at the Limavady Distillery. At its peak, the distillery was producing 1.2 million litres per annum, every bottle a postcard from the town to whiskey drinkers across the world.

Of course, nothing worth having comes easy, and in the 1910s the Limavady Distillery was shuttered during the global downfall of Irish whiskey.

The years passed. Experience became memory, memory became legend. From that legend sprang an idea, and the new Limavady Whiskey was born.

Small Batch  |  100% Malted Irish Barley |  Triple Distilled Copper Pot Stills |  Aged in Ex-Bourbon Barrels and finished in PX Sherry Casks |  846 Bottles Per Barrel

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