Hydroponics Seltzer

SweetWater’s Hydroponics Seltzer is “hard and heady,” and crafted for all out good times. Hydro is the seltzer for the long play, whether at a sporting event, fest, the pool, a patio, or any time you want a lighter, cleaner, cooler choice. It’s crisp, clean and refreshing flavor delivers the association to the 420 lifestyle that SweetWater Brewery lives and loves.

Hydro is a light and refreshing hard seltzer infused with plant-based terpenes inspired by fruit-forward cannabis strains for a clean, invigorating flavor and aroma and refreshingly heady drinking experience.

Brewed with all-natural flavors, its 5% ABV, plant-based, gluten free and contains only 100 calories, 1g carbs and 1g sugar per serving.

Available in 12 oz. 12-Packs and 16 oz. cans. Varietals include Lime Haze, Black Cherry Bomb, Mother of Barreis, and SoMango.

Flowing year round.

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