Hanson of Sonoma

Hanson of Sonoma is a family-owned and operated craft spirits distillery in Sonoma, California. Hanson produces a line of organic, grape-based vodkas with Scott and Judy Hanson (parents) and Chris, Brandon, Darren, Alanna (adult children) actively involved in the business. The family grew up alongside the farm-to-table movement in the San Francisco Bay Area, experienced the craft cocktail scene in California and New York, and gained craft distillation training in Europe. This exposure and passion inspired the Hansons to build their own craft distillery and tasting room in Sonoma wine country, with a focus on straight and flavored vodkas.

Their vision of an organic, grape-based, gluten-free and non-GMO vodka is the embodiment of Hanson of Sonoma. In the spirit of artisan craft, they distill in a combination pot and 50-plate column still. Their vodka is always distilled from organic grapes and infused with real, organic ingredients to create a pure, clean, and above all deliciously smooth vodka. Hanson of Sonoma organic vodka is the first of its kind, and the product of countless hours of research, testing, and plain old hard work.

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They say the best vodkas are tasteless; we say the best vodkas taste good enough to enjoy straight up, like ours. It’s complex and balanced on the nose and palate with a silky smooth mouth feel that gives way to a lasting, satisfying finish that will leave you wanting more.


The short answer: pretty damn refreshing. The long answer: astonishingly crisp, like rejuvenating spa water with a little (okay, not so little) kick, featuring notes of hibiscus and cilantro on the nose followed by a light and minty finish.


Bright and sweet with a zing. You’ve got spicy bergamot on the nose, herbs on the palate, and a kick of spice on the finish.



Bright, bold, and beautiful. You’ve got citrus on the nose, passionfruit on the palate, and a nice lemon essence on the finish.


Like heat and spice and everything nice. Sweet and savory, the peppers come through strong on the nose and palate but are balanced by a hint of lemongrass on the finish.