Hangar 1 Vodka

Back in the day, Hangar One pioneered the art of craft distilling. They blended a Viogner eau de vie with Midwestern wheat to create a naturally fruity, straight vodka.

Now, by marrying that vodka with farm fresh fruits – think Mandarin oranges, Buddha lemons, Kaffir lime and Fraser River raspberries – Hangar One has ushered in a new era of craft distilling. They distill their fruit the very day it’s picked, oftentimes working through the night, to guarantee that the flavor captured in their still represents the fruit at its most thrilling moment.

As always, Hangar One vodkas are distilled in small batches, and always in copper stills.

As always, Hangar One vodkas are of the highest quality.

Great on the rocks, but best enjoyed in your favorite cocktail.