Guide Beer

SweetWater’s Guide Beer was crafted in honor of, and alongside guides, who were looking for a premium beer that has a lighter profile. Those men and women who lead us to swift waters, into the shadows of tall trees, and through the unexplored terrain of ourselves. 11% of the profit from this beer will help guides who are no longer able to pursue their life’s work. It’s our way of saying “Thank You” to a group of people whose contribution to society is both underestimated and immeasurable.

ABV: 4%          Hops: Hallertau, Mt. Hood
Flavor Profile: Crisp, bright

Available in 16oz Cans and Draft

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The Hooch. Calm water lined by green trees bowing down like Southern gentlemen. But beneath the surface, crafty trout evade all but the most experienced guides.


Long live the guides of the Keys: Those leather-skinned lords of the flats, coaxing parades of bonefish and tarpon onto the line. May their rods be forever bent heavy by fish, and their coolers be filled with Guide Beer.


The captains of those Hatteras shipwrecks: Did they do it intentionally? Did they take one look at all that marlin and tuna, and decide to park it on the rocks for eternity? We like to think so. We like to think they’re still out there, guiding us through these waters.


The Upper Gauley River in West Virginia. You will not find a more consistently harrowing stretch of runnable river. For the men and women who shepherd us through this aquatic chaos, we brew this beer.