Godet Cognacs

godet_pagelogoGodet Cognac is a long-running, family owned Cognac house based in La Rochelle, France who can trace their production history back to 1588.

“Exceptional cognac craftsmanship, expertise, and emotion passed from hand to hand between generations since 1588. Discover the different styles and tasting notes.”
– Jean-Jacques Godet

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Powerful nose, fresh aromas of vanilla with notes of leather

V.S.O.P  Special Selection

This cognac is characterized by very well integrated tannins combined with some elements of florality on the nose.
All that tinge with hazelnuts and peach jam to create a mellow and suave cognac. A present but velvetty persistence in the mouth makes it a very pleasant and easy to drink. VSOP notes of leathers of leather

XO Terre

Luminous golden colour with deep mahogany reflections. A blend of fresh, floral, fruity aromas that quickly give way to headier scents of cinnamon and spices.
On the palate, a marriage of lively sharp fruit flavors and complex notes of antique leather, oak, and pepper.

Antarctica Icy White

Well-balanced with deliciously fruited and spice notes. Served chilled.

Floral, hints of caramel sweetness, chamomile, a hint of juniper, some dried apricot.

Good sweetness, dried fruits, a little chamomile again, sultana and orange blossom.

Full, spicy and juniper-rich. pepper.