Fruitland Augusta

Augusta was home to “Fruitland Nurseries” – one of the most successful nurseries in the 19th century, where millions of peach trees were planted by a Belgian horticulturalist, Propser J. Berckmans. He became known as the “Father of Georgia Peach Culture” and Fruitland was producing over 300 kinds of peaches and many other types of fruits and trees on its property.

In 1931, the Fruitland was eventually purchased by a g roup of investors to build a golf club that has now become the most famous golf course in the world. Berckmans’ original residence still remains as the course’s clubhouse today.

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Georgia Peach Sweet Tea
Fruitland Augusta’s Georgia Peach Sweet Tea is also made with REAL Georgia Peaches. Pleasant aroma of sweet Georgia Peaches and freshly brewed Southern iced tea. Great drink for any types of meals, Georgia Peach Tea is the house wine of the South!

Georgia Peach Vodka
Fruitland Augusta’s Georgia Peach Vodka is the only peach flavored vodka made with REAL Georgia Peaches, offering amazing aromas of fresh peaches. Great on the rocks or cocktails such as the Augusta Bellini and in martinis.