Four Vines

The newest winery to be welcomed into United’s fine wine portfolio. A winery whose attitude is, “We In With Zin.”  They are not interested in producing tannic Cabernets, flabby Merlots, or oaky Chardonnays. They have created fabulous Zinfandels, including Biker, Truant, Sophisticate, and Purist and Maverick.

Biker: The Power Player

Like that driven-but-dusty feeling you get after a satisfying road trip, Biker bursts with the bold flavors for which Paso Robles Zinfandel is known. Sourced from Paso’s Westside wonders, Dusi and Preston Vineyards, Biker revs up the rugged spirit of the terrain in which it was grown. Bottled for bold palates, great friends and big parties, Biker is the perfect pick for those who crave surprises they can savor.

Maverick:  The Innovator

Zealous for Zin? Then you’ll be amped for Amador. Known for intense, earthy qualities derived from fiery red volcanic soils, amazing Amador comes to life in our Maverick Zin. Innovation, exceptionalism and excellence are the American qualities you’ll find sip after sip. Designed for epicures who have a bit of an edge, this wine shines after the road trip is over and the live music has begun.

Truant:  The Rebel

Crafted from Zinfandel fruit discovered in Paso Robles, Mendocino, Cucamonga Valley, Lodi, Amador and Russian River Valley, Truant blends a rebellious spirit with classic winemaking methods honed for decades. The result is a juicy, spicy, generous wine that’s reason enough for the band to get back together.

Sophisticate: The Socialite

Sonoma County is the epicenter of casual chic. In the Sophisticate, we’ve crafted a wine that rejoices in relaxation and exudes elegance. It’s derived from 85+ year-old vines from the Russian River Valley, along with selections from Somers Vineyard in Dry Creek for a wine that is the epitome of easygoing, epicurean living.

Naked Chardonnay:  The Purist

Brisk, refreshing and bold in its rejection of oak, our Naked Chardonnay is the essence of winemaking innovation. A delightful counterpoint to the mouth-filling, magnificent Zins in the Four Vines portfolio, Naked Chardonnay drinks to the ideal of inclusion.