Eventide Highlander

Eventide Highlander now available on Draft!

This beer turned out better than imagined and has been a go to fresh and cellarable beer for some time. Seven malts are used to create this wonderfully complex Strong Scotch Ale. Notes of caramel, toasted bread, honey, dark fruits, chocolate, and roasted coffee are all prevalent.
Allow it to warm to cellar temperature to experience the full flavor profile. The sweetness is balanced by a hefty but not overwhelming bitterness. This beer is the perfect complement to coming, cool fall weather.

Appearance:Deep amber/brown color with light carbonation and little to no head.
Nose:Large malt aromas including honey, caramel, and coffee. A little spice and some hop aroma.
Mouth Feel:Very low carbonation gently glides over the tonue. Big body and a finish that starts sweet but is nicely balanced by the bitterness.
Taste:A wide range of flavors including caramel, coffee, dark fruits, and hints of spice and herb. Much more pronounced when allowed to warm.
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