emBRAZEN invites the bold and the defiant to take up the torch from trailblazers of the past and ignite new paths forward – to embrace a future where every brazen woman can revel in the spotlight. There have always been rebels. They need only to be recognized.

Labels: Each emBRAZEN label features a historical trailblazer who defied convention and broke new ground in women’s empowerment.
The black and white photo portrait is set against a weathered background in order to reinforce the historical truth behind the label. Double exposures and overlays hint at the untold stories and hidden depths, waiting to be brought to light and shared.
Bold accent colors, modern typographic treatment, and our prominently featured torch icon speak to the continued relevance of our trailblazers in a contemporary context.

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Unrivaled in style, this vibrant Chardonnay holds its own in any occasion. Luminous, gold tones dazzle in the glass, yet this wine finds its voice in the full-throated expression of rich stone fruit and honey flavors on the palate.


Bold where others are bland, daring where others falter, this Cabernet Sauvignon refuses to bow to convention. Concentrated flavors of blackberry and cherry persist on the palate, that leave a lasting impression.


Audacious in character, this nuanced Red Blend is bright, intense, and perfectly suited for those as bold as their wine. Irreverent hints of mocha and spice lend depth to nuanced layers of ripe red fruit, while silky tannins linger on the palate.