El Jimador Mango Mango and Mexican Lime

El Jimador is a premium tequila and the No. 1 selling 100% agave tequila in Mexico.  This tremendous product was conceived in the 1990’s and officially introduced in 1994 as the first accessibly-priced, 100% agave tequila. It was the first high-quality tequila that was affordable for everyman. And it revolutionized the tequila category, becoming the #1 selling 100% agave tequila in short order.

El Jimador is crafted using hand-selected blue agave and fermented naturally with wild yeast produced by the fruit trees and agave plantations surrounding the distillery. These natural yeasts influence the production process in a profound way, producing a proprietary taste profile and delicious smooth taste.

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Mango Mango
The aroma features an exciting blend of ripe mango, rich tropical fruit, and a hint of crisp citrus paired a seamless taste of mango and creamy vanilla notes. Finishes light and smooth with a refreshing blend of mango and tropical fruit.

Mexican Lime
Infuses Mexican Lime with crisp citrus and tangy flavor of the popular fruit, with El Jimador’s signature agave aroma.