Make Good. Do Good.

Du Nord Social Spirits is a merry band of outsiders and aficionados working to make change from inside the glass, the economic system and the whole damn world.
They are a small, Black-owned craft distillery in Minneapolis, MN making award-winning spirits with a diverse, ambitious team and different point-of-view.

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Highly opinionated, yet exquisitely balanced. Smooth comes slowly. Charcoal filtered. Undeniably drinkable. Easy on its own, infinitely mixable in any situation.

Tasting Notes
Clean – Easy, crisp, with a hint of sweetcorn, leaving little trace on the palate.
Smooth – A canvas for every cocktail. A faint semi sweet aroma, light, clean finish that draws one back for more.


The composition is Old World. The distillation is London Dry. The juniper is Italian, abundant and unapologetic. Deeply characteristic and wildly outspoken like those who made it.

Tasting Notes
Juniper – An aroma of deep, earthy, and sweet berry notes. Initially sweet, the punctuation of pine and resin returns to a pleasant sweetness. Bold, without being too overwhelming.
Citrus – The aromas of citrus, a combination of orange, lemon, and coriander, emerge from the deep Juniper nose.
Roots – Angelica, licorice, and ginger are present and soften the Juniper’s edges and elevate the other flavors.


A blend of Du Nord’s Longfellow high-rye straight bourbon and a selection of sourced whiskeys chosen for their ability to complement the spice and smoke of our high-rye mash.

Tasting Notes
Oak – Warming oak and vanilla notes transport the mind to an old-growth forest in the fall.
Caramel – Honey, brown sugar, and caramel arrive on the nose, and return on the tongue with a delicate sweetness.
Rye – Spicy, peppery rye flavors emerge from the sweet caramel body to linger on the tongue.
Fruit – Deep, rich stone fruit notes lay just below the surface in both the nose and the palate.


Its journey begins on a Minnesota orchard, and then is blended with spirits made from Minnesota corn.
Finished with cinnamon, orange peel, and clove spices, the resulting notes of cider with caramel and brown sugar are reminiscent of homemade pie. A surprisingly sophisticated spirit with homegrown
nostalgic roots.

Tasting Notes
Apple – Sweet, crisp apple aroma leads to a bold, tart apple flavor. Reminiscent of a bite of the fresh fruit.
Caramel – Aroma of brown sugar and fresh baked apple pie. Spices. A comforting layer of warm spices arises in the finish as the apple flavor subsides.


Used is an organic, fair-trade blend of coffee roasted less than a mile from the distillery. The liqueur has bold chocolate notes that play well with the bitter, peppery notes of roasted chicory, and … actually tastes like real coffee.

Tasting Notes
Coffee – Roasted and nutty aromas give way to coffee and dark chocolate on the palate.
Chicory – Peppery and spicy notes fill the end of each sip finishing with a pleasant roasted bitterness.
Stone Fruit – Hints of orange, plum, and raisin sneak up throughout both the palate and aroma.