Crios was born out of Susana Balbo’s love for her children and desire to forge a legacy for her family, helping them navigate their own life journeys with lessons learned from a lifetime of trailblazing entrepreneurship. The iconic handprint logo on each Crios bottle symbolizes this relationship and illustrates hands as powerful tools for mothers, allowing them to hold, to provide warmth, to nourish, and to comfort, as well as to teach the next generation the skills and wisdom achieved.

Conviction, energy, and identity all go into making something with your hands, establishing an indelible personal mark. Tending the Crios wines in a way to bring out the very best, Susana and her team choose the region of Argentina most suited for growing each particular grape, and then nurture every variety to elevate its intrinsic character.

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A pure expression of the varietal, with aromas of plum, currant, espresso and mocha tinged with spice and smoke from the French oak. Herbal notes, bright acidity and fine tannins create balance and structure on the palate.


A fresh, pure expression of the varietal, with aromas of violets, cherries, mocha and spice. Juicy tannins and balanced acidity complement perfectly ripe red fruit flavors, while a subtle hint of oak adds complexity.


Fresh, dry and delicate, with aromas and flavors of strawberry and gooseberry leading to a balanced palate and crisp finish.


Crisp, refreshing and aromatic, with a bouquet of citrus fruits, passion fruit, lychee and white flowers. Lively acidity, a hint of creaminess and a long, mineral finish add depth and balance to the palate.