Coors Light Atlanta Can

Look for the Limited Edition Atlanta Can in a store near you!

In 1978, Coors Light was born in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, which continue to inspire our brewing today. The spirit of these surroundings is embodied in our process, which is why Coors Light is such a refreshing and impressive Cold Lager >>

Lagering is the process of aging Coors Light. They lager it below freezing for the perfect amount of time. It’s these two key components of time and temp that give Coors Light its signature crisp taste. After that, it’s ready for Cold Filtering >>

Coors Light is cold filtered. This is what contributes to its overall brilliance and clarity, which means it has a nice, bright appearance when poured. This process gives Coors Light its crisp, clean taste before going into Cold Bottling >>

Nothing beats an ice-cold lager. That’s why Coors Light is never heat pasteurized. Instead, it’s cold bottled while at the peak of freshness because that’s how you like it. And you’ll know it’s cold thanks to our Cold Activated Labels.

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