Cinnabon Crème Liqueurs

Cinnabon® Crème Liqueurs offers the ultimate indulgence.  Nourish your soul with the aroma and flavor of the beloved Cinnabon® Cinnamon Roll transformed into a luxurious adult beverage.

Escape the ordinary 
and nourish your soul with Cinnabon® Cinnamon 
Crème Liqueur and Horchata Crème Liqueur. A silky 
blend of cinnamon and real dairy cream.

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Escape the ordinary with Cinnabon® Cinnamon Crème Liqueur.

It pours to a creamy caramel color.  The aroma is fresh baked cinnamon roll with notes of cinnamon, pastry, and vanilla.  The cinnamon entry is milky thin with a creamy taste.  Pastry flavor arrives at the midpoint building to a sweet vanilla Cinnabon taste.  The finish is silky smooth with just a tingle of alcohol.

This velvety blend of cinnamon and real dairy cream is great on the rocks or with your favorite coffee.


Treat yourself with Cinnabon® Horchata Crème Liqueur.  This silky blend of cinnamon, almond and rice is great for sipping on the rocks or as part of a cocktail.