Charles Heidsieck Champagne

The extraordinary style and quality of his wines have made Charles Heidsieck one of the most awarded champagnes in the world. A great believer in his personal convictions about quality, he crafted signature wines with his own style; recognizable to all. Deliberately choosing not to buy land, he developed the reputation of his house through the inspired art of blending.

The Charles Heidsieck wines are marked by the unwavering quality standards for Cru wine selection, artful blending style with an amazing 40% ‘vins de réserve’ of 10 years average age, and by exceeding all norms in the maturing process in the house’s ideal, chalk ‘crayèr’ cellars in Reims.

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BRUT RÉSERVE – A multi-vintage worthy of a prestige cuvée. A golden champagne, with persistent effervescence.  A nose that is both complex and delicious.

COMPLEX: a particular blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.

PRECISE: a judicious selection of approximately 60 crus.

UNCTUOUS: 40% of reserve wines, many of them more than 10 years old.

DEEP: a maturation of more than 3 years in Gallo-Roman chalk cellars.

Powerful and stylish. A powder pink rosé, with a delicate sparkle. A complex nose of homemade strawberry jam and fresh gingerbread. A deep wine with an aromatic finish.

COMPLEX: an elaborate blend of the three champagne grape varieties.

PRECISE: a very fine selection of red wines.

DEEP: matured for over 3 years in our two-thousand-year-old chalk cellars.

GENEROUS: a pulpy and lively champagne with notes of wild strawberry.