Captûre’s Pine Mountain vineyard straddles the peak, a jaw-dropping 3,000 feet above sea level. The unforgiving mountaintop is dry with fine volcanic gravel and rocky patches offering no traction for anything but the hardiest grapevines. The clusters that survive here are few, small, and sparsely fruited – giving every tiny, thick-skinned berry the space to reach its full potential. This desolate place is planted primarily to Cabernet Sauvignon, with smaller blocks of Merlot and the highest elevation Sauvignon Blanc in the U.S.

Tasting Notes:
Styled like a classic white Bordeaux, this Sauvignon Blanc utilizes four distinct clones that reveal a range of aromatics, from tropical and citrus to floral and spice. Lush guava, peach and melon notes leap from the glass before opening into juicy pineapple, green mango, almond wood and lemon zest on the palate. Though structured by rocky minerality and laserbeam acidity, this wine is indulgently creamy, rich and round.

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