Calista Coast Range Pinot Noir

The Coast Range of California is a stretch of mountains that parallels the Pacific Ocean from Mendocino County in Northern California south some 400 miles to Santa Barbara in Southern California. This geologically young mountain system, known to native Californians as “The Great Coast Range”, is comprised of crushed, creased, and folded sea floor pushed up some 30 million years ago.

The maritime climate and the unique soil structure across the range create optimum vineyard conditions for growing Pinot Noir. Each region lends its distinctive terroir to our signature blend. The mythical Greek Goddess Calista was a huntress who possessed grace, seductive charm and strength above all rivals. Inspired by Calista, or “most beautiful” in Greek, we have created an alluring wine that captures her essence drawn from our most exceptional Pinot Noir Vineyards

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Pinot Noir
Calista Coast Range Pinot Noir is deep ruby red in color with aromatics of dried cherries, rose petal, violet and roasted coffee bean. Rhubarb, cherry and notes of cranberry flow through the palate to a balanced and lengthy finish of mixed dark fruit and black tea..