Boulevard Entwined

Boulevard_EntwinedTraveling the Backroads is a break from the routine — a chance to slow down and enjoy the scenery. Where the destination is less important than the experience. Instead of just getting someplace as quickly as possible, Backroads invite us to wander with purpose. And who knows what sort of roadside attractions await along the way?

With this spirit in mind, our Backroads beers often feature unusual combinations of ingredients or non-traditional brewing methods. The results are subtly complex and often surprisingly sessionable, but always enjoyable. The first installment is Entwined Ale where the use of Muscat juice remains the focus. The juice was combined with pale malt in the brewhouse for a beer that is light both in body and in color. It was hopped with a New Zealand variety called Nelson Sauvin, known for its tropical fruit and white wine-like aromatics. This unique session ale has a refreshing, slightly tart finish.

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