Black Bull 12 Year

BlackBull12Year_PrimaryImageBlack Bull 12 year old charges at you and shakes you up a bit, but then leaves you with a realization that this is what blended Scotch whisky should actually be like; a bit of rough and tumble with a silky smooth ending.

Grab it by the horns, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

Old Amber.

Nose: Robust, chunky aromas of sherry, red fruits, cherries and toffee with a suggestion of vanilla and lemon sherbert.

Palate: Creamy chocolate, fruit and honey with apple and an expressive nuttiness.

Finish: Buttery toffee, long lasting, coordinated, silky.

Comment: A whisky that comes at you at full charge initially, and then gradually soothes you with its bountiful palate and smooth finish.

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