Atlanta Brewing Co, Georgia’s original craft brewery, is kicking off its 25th anniversary month with a big announcement – it has rebranded back to its roots from Red Brick Brewing Co back to its original name, Atlanta Brewing Co.

“Over the last eight years we’ve rebuilt Atlanta Brewing Company from top to bottom. As of today, we are proudly reclaiming our original name: Atlanta Brewing Company.” Says Marketing Director Cameron Davis “We love this city and want to celebrate it for all that it has given us over the last 25 years.”

Atlanta Brewing Co was founded in 1993 at a time when there were only 200 or so microbreweries throughout the country. They have weathered 25 years in Atlanta, and are proud to be the oldest brewery in the state. With a focus on quality control and brewing innovative beers, Atlanta Brewing Co looks forward to serving the city they love for another 25 years.

With the decision made that the 25th anniversary was the perfect time to rebrand, the company got to work vetting branding agencies. After a lengthy search process it landed on CODO, an Indianapolis based agency that that has worked with renowned breweries and food artisans around the world.

Three core brands have made the transition to Atlanta Brewing Co packaging: Homestand Pilsner, Soul of the City Pale Ale, and the flagship IPA, Hopanta. A new contemporary IPA, Hartsfield, win join the mix. This new IPA will feature a new rotating hop in every batch.

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Contemporary IPA built around Citra and Mosaic and featuring a rotating hop. Ripe, exotic and bursting with modern hop character.

6.2% ALC/VOL



Bohemian lager at its core, Homestand is brewed with pilsner malt from riverbend malt house in Asheville NC. A generous dry-hop of Mosaic and Cascade provide additional layers of complexity and an American twist.

5.2% ALC/VOL



Updated recipe of an old favorite. This west coast IPA is balanced with bold citrus flavors, brewed with Eureka!, Centennial, and Calypso hops.

6.8% ALC/VOL



This new American Pale Ale celebrates the brewer’s spirit of innovation, utilizing pale malt, flaked oats and a combination of Citra, Denali and Crystal hops from the pacific northwest. A soft, bright, and tropical take on a classic style.

5.7% ALC/VOL