About the Award

Oscar Goodman was hired on February 2, 1950 as a United Distributors sales representative. In the 1980s – at the age of 75 – Oscar semi-retired, choosing to continue working with three of his customers.

He would visit those customers weekly, but, being the sage that he was, also mentored other members of United’s team, including Doug Hertz, customer service representatives, warehouse associates, and anyone else who would listen to his advice. He maintained his state of semi-retirement until his health failed him and he passed away in 1999.

Oscar has earned his status as a United sales legend, and, in his honor, we’ve developed a series of 15 various Oscar Awards for associates in all divisions of the company.

Here are the 2016 winners:

Logistics - Day Shift
Lorenzo Morgan
Logistics - Evening Shift
Latrice Hayes
Ren Malone
Tim Moore
Supply Chain
John Dinkins
Retail Spirits
James Magness
Chain Wine
Gingi Nixon
Convenience Store
Chris Meredith
Retail Pkg Beer
Kris LaRose
Chain Grocery Beer
Mark Crosby
Chain Grocery Beer Merchandiser
Jacob Black
Retail Wine
Conner Taylor
Juan Viteri
Cynthia Bonner
Marketing Department
Printshop/Brand Development
Rachael Foster