Welcome thirst seekers, hop gazers, palate pushers and style defiers. This is the New Realm. Where tradition is not lost on innovation. Nor is quality sacrificed for the sake of experimentation. Here, our Radegast welcomes you to seek what you thirst (whatever that might be). So, come one, come all, and find your place in the New Realm.

Combining a collective passion for craft beer, partners Mitch Steele, Carey Falcone and Bob Powers will bring a “New Realm” to Atlanta’s brewing community opening on January 8, 2018.  Follow The Construction.

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The first IPA from Brewmaster Mitch Steele’s New Realm brewhouse is dense with sought-after hops and lush with heavenly hits of citrus, peach and pine. This New Realm-style IPA is unlike any west coast, east coast or whatever coast IPA. Simcoe & Centennial hops coalesce sublimely with mild malt character and the beer finishes smoothly with a balanced body.

7.3% ABV


A true brewer’s beer, Euphonia Pilsner is a modern take on a traditional style. This golden, German-style pilsner combines tradition with modern hopping techniques for a nice floral hop character. Brewed with German Pilsner malt, Euphonia’s hops are added late to provide a soft bitterness and vibrant hop aroma.

5% ABV


An homage to the style that created craft beer, this one’s an “old school meets new school” brew. Perun is perfectly balanced with a lingering bitterness that begs you to take another sip. Our brewers used a blend of new and classic hop varietals exclusively in our brewhouse, without dry-hopping at all.

5.5% ABV


This dank Imperial IPA is brewed with pale malt and 5 hop varieties. Pronounced hop notes and flavors of peach, floral, tropical and light citrus complexities complement a strong, dry finish. At 100 IBUs, this one’s got a bitter bite that’ll bring you back for more.

8.5% ABV